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Personalized AI Code Reviewer and Context-Aware Git Assistant for Your Repositories.

Beyond ChatBots: Your Personal Git Assistant

Effortless Codebase Search With Natural Language

Save precious development time by using natural language to effortlessly search and navigate through your project's codebase.

AI-Powered PRs And Commits Review

AI-powered code reviews for pull requests and commits, ensuring better code quality, efficiency, and early detection of potential issues.

Code, Features & Process Explanation Simplified

Get clear, concise explanations of code features, processes, and relationships, making project onboarding easier than ever.

Get Started with GitLoop AI in Just a Few clicks

Personalized AI Agent

AI agents allows you to customize your interactions with your codebase. You can adjust query size, set accuracy thresholds and select AI models. This personalization enhances communication efficiency and accuracy, making GitLoop a tailored assistant for each user's unique needs.

Context-Aware AI Answers

The Context-Aware AI Answers in GitLoop enhances the AI's responses by tailoring them specifically to your repository. This functionality ensures that every answer is relevant and adapted to the unique context of your project.

Get Better Result with Real world Use case

Discover how GitLoop transforms your development workflow with real-world use cases. Enhance code quality, streamline reviews, and boost productivity by leveraging AI to interact directly with your codebase for unparalleled results.


Codebase Insights

GitLoop provides a comprehensive overview of your project's codebase, identifying areas of complexity, potential bugs, and areas for optimization, making code maintenance easier.


Auto review of code changes

Leveraging AI, GitLoop scans the code changes to detect potential bugs and vulnerabilities, providing early warnings and suggestions for fixes before they escalate into bigger issues.


Learning Companion

New team members use GitLoop to understand the architecture and flow of the codebase, speeding up the onboarding process by interacting directly with project code.


Documentation Generator

GitLoop automates the creation of comprehensive documentation for your codebase, ensuring every function, module, and class is accurately described, simplifying developer onboarding and reference.


Discover key insights about GitLoop's safety, pricing, AI precision, and more in our FAQ section.

Is it safe to share our repository with GitLoop?

Yes, sharing your repository with GitLoop is safe. We prioritize the security and privacy of your codebase. GitLoop uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data and ensures that access to your repository is controlled and monitored. Your source code remains private and secure at all times.

Is GitLoop free to use?

GitLoop offers both free and premium subscription plans. The free plan provides access to basic features, suitable for small projects and teams looking to explore our capabilities. For advanced features, higher volume processing, and dedicated support, our premium plans are designed to fit the needs of larger teams and enterprises.

How precise are the AI answers provided by GitLoop?

GitLoop's AI is built on the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language processing, ensuring a high level of precision in understanding and reviewing codebases, PRs, and commits. While the AI provides accurate insights and suggestions, we continually improve our models based on user feedback and codebase evolution to enhance precision further.

How does GitLoop understand my codebase?

GitLoop uses sophisticated AI algorithms that analyze your codebase's structure, syntax, and context. It learns from your repository's unique patterns, practices, and previously merged PRs to provide personalized code reviews and recommendations.

How does GitLoop handle large and complex repositories?

GitLoop is designed to scale with your project's needs. It efficiently processes large and complex repositories by leveraging optimized algorithms and cloud-based infrastructure to ensure fast and accurate analysis without impacting your development workflow.

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