Transforming Development Workflows:
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Empowering developers at all levels, GitLoop's AI-driven insights improve code quality and team collaboration, aligning cutting-edge technology with your foundational principles.

Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...

2023 • January


The idea for GitLoop was born out of a desire to revolutionize the way developers interact with their codebases. Recognizing the potential of AI to understand codes, we envisioned a tool that could understand codebases.

2023 • April

Initial Research

We dove deep into the existing tools and technologies, assessing the gaps in the market and the specific needs of developers. Through interviews, surveys, and collaboration with coding communities.

2023 • July

Prototype Development

The development of GitLoop's prototype began. This phase was marked by long nights and breakthrough moments as our team translated complex AI algorithms into a functional tool. The prototype demonstrated GitLoop's potential to accurately understand large codebases

2023 • November

Beta Launch & User Feedback

Launching GitLoop in beta, we invited developers and teams to experience firsthand how our tool could transform their workflow. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with users highlighting GitLoop's accuracy, ease of use, and the tangible time savings in their development cycles.

2024 • January

Official Launch & Feature Expansion

GitLoop officially launched, introducing a suite of advanced features including, deeper codebase insights, and customized AI agents, as teams from startups to large enterprises integrated GitLoop into their development processes.

Our vision

GitLoop is on a mission to revolutionize software development with AI. We blend innovation with intelligence to enhance code quality, making development faster and more efficient. Our vision is to empower developers, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and creativity.

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